Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh the repetitiveness!

I have been out and about on the ol'interblogs today reading some of the most commented on blogs from The Atheist Experiance blog. I keep reading post after post of athiests pointing out inconsistency after inconsistency, hole after hole, terrible laws from the Bible that christians are required to follow, and pure malice an hatred to certain people from the holy or god inspired characters in the Bible. These arguements are sound and intelligent. They also require an answer.

I continue to read and time and again the christians in question simply ignore the above arguments. They disregard every intelligent thing that was just said. They give no answer and yet keep chugging along making new arguments with the same stupid points that have been gone over again and again.

Will you Christians, in all your faith and knowing, PLEASE address these issues? You want athiests to come to the light, and yet with every opportunity they give you to answer the questions that matter to them, you ignore and move to a different argument. These atheists are kind people who think things over all day long, everyday. This is not a passive thing that just gets thought about on Sunday. People become atheists because they think more than most people and want real answers to real questions. Christians condem them for this? You are telling me that what they do is sin? Thinking about the Bible is not right?

I am an Atheist. I have been one for many years now. This was not a decission that I came to lightly. I grew up as a staunch christian. My family was a member of a Southern Baptist church when I was young and then became United Methodists later on after drama in the first church. I went through confirmation classes and became my own member of the church at age 15. I studdied the bible in depth at that time. I started asking questions when I was reading the bible, because a lot of things I was reading had NEVER been preached about in my church. They NEVER mention the things that seem out of place to their teachings.

I started seeking answers elsewhere when the leadership of my church could not provide real answers to the tough questions about slavery, homosexuals, torture, child sacrifice, etc. Around this time I also became well versed in conspiracy theories, secret societies, cloud bursting, alien abductions, etc. because that stuff always facinated me. I tried everything I could find to enhance my ESP, gain the slightest telekenetic power, focus my mind to bust clouds, even make a damn pencil fall off a table with my mind. There is no reason that I should not be granted these powers, i mean, people far less intelligent than I had them. Or so I thought.

To keep this from becoming way to long, ill just say this... I studied my butt of on everything I could find that I thought could lead me to answers about the world. What I found was disheartening at first. I found that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. I also found that the only thing that we can really rely on is the scientific method to solve the mysteies of the world. It gives something a try and if it fails to be accurate, dumps it and tries again. Once I found i could rely on this process I started applying it to everything. Again this ended up being quite a bummer to me for awhile because all of the psudo-science I was facinated in started comming to light as BS. I was able to see through the bullshit with ease. That finally lead me to study the Bible again with this new anti-BS set of glasses I had aquired.

What I found is why I am here today. I am not unhappy with the universe we live in. I dont feel bad anymore that I'm not really psychic. Its ok that I cant move things with my mind. Its not cencerning to me that when I die, my brain shuts off and thats it. This is reality until proven otherwise.

I am open minded to ideas and that is why I sit and read these blogs. Despite my current atheism, I am still open to the possibilty that I am wrong, you just have to PROVE it to me. I REQUIRE THAT!! Quit dodging questions that need answerd, christians. I don't ask them to make you mad or insult you. I ask them becasue they require a real answer for me to believe you. You better make it good, becasue please believe I am going to check. Thats what we do. Faith...bah! Faith is what captures gulible people. Faith is the answer only in fairytale worlds with fairy tale problems that need fairytale fixes. I dont live there.....I live in reality. I am happy there and you are welcome to join me if you like.